Stress Reduction in Under 30 Seconds

by Sharon Carne, Founder of Sound Wellness

I recently received an email from a client, who had been given some news causing great sadness and difficulty for her and her husband. Her story warms my heart with how much help she received from a couple of simple sound healing tools.

“I have always been a high strung, type A, non-stop doer and to get this news knocked the wind out of me. I went into great despair and my mind could not stop thinking about every worse possible outcome that could happen (always have been a worrier in my thoughts). Fia-lynn (who attended our 3 day Sound Wellness Solution workshop last November), used the tuning forks on me the next day to help, and each day after. Within two days, I felt a difference. I did not have the negative obsessive thoughts as much. Within a week, I was able to refocus them if they did pop into my head. For Christmas, she gave me my own set. I use them every day. It has helped me regain strength of mind and clarity. It has helped me continue to advocate for our little boy through emails and phone calls based on facts and not overwhelming emotion. I just needed you to know what a difference it has made.”

While there are many proven sound and music options to help you help you reduce stress and strengthen your health, the Perfect 5th tuning forks are AMAZING and they’re backed by science.

They are a solution for effective self- care that takes less than 30 seconds. There is huge potential to use these tuning forks effectively, even on your most hectic day.

The longer fork is tuned to the musical note C at 256 Hz – slightly lower than Middle C on the piano keyboard.

The interesting thing about this sound is that it is derived from one of the measured frequencies of the earth. Most people feel a sense of grounding, or becoming more present, when they hear this sound. It is like “Ahhh, that feels better!” You wouldn’t believe the number of times I have heard that when I have played these by people’s ears.

The shorter fork is tuned to the musical note G at 384 Hz.

The interval of C to G spans 5 notes C-D-E-F-G. Because of that, when you play these 2 forks together, the sound you hear is known as a Perfect 5th.

More important is the ratio of the frequencies of these two forks. 256 Hz to 384 Hz creates a ratio of 2 to 3.

The ratio of the perfect 5th creates one of the most healing and balancing sounds for the human being. For thousands of years, Western music has been based on the sound of the perfect 5th.

Before I tell you more about the forks though, I need to tell you about nitric oxide.

The nitric oxide cycle in the body is one of the essential natural cycles at the cellular level to maintain and sustain health and wellness by

strengthening the immune system,

improving circulation and digestion, and

significantly reducing stress.

And that’s just a partial list of its many benefits.

This cycle is depressed or stopped altogether when we are stressed, or over-tired, or ill.

It’s so important, that in 1998, 3 research scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine when they discovered the natural nitric oxide cycle in our cells.

Since then, pharmaceutical companies have spent millions on creating a medication that stimulates the nitric oxide cycle, especially to help those with heart problems.

Research conducted by Dr. John Beaulieu, music therapist and naturopathic doctor and Dr. George Stefano, neurologist showed that these two frequencies consistently stimulated the production of nitric oxide in the body’s cells in less than 30 seconds.

I wish I could play these for you in person so you could experience them to their fullest, but sadly, that’s not possible. But you can still listen to them through your speakers, and the effect is almost as good.

Click the link below to listen to 3 short tracks:

1.    The 256 Hz fork.

2.    The 384 Hz fork.

3.    The forks played together.

Click here to listen.

Having the perfect 5th tuning forks in your purse, pocket or a desk drawer makes them available any time you need them. When my attention is waning while working at the computer, I use them to refresh my focus. If I feel I am coming down with a cold, then I use them to stimulate and strengthen my immune system. They are one of the most important tools in my personal toolkit to support my health.

How to use the Perfect 5th forks:

1. Tap the forks gently on your knees or on a rubber striker or hockey puck.

2. First use the C alone listen to the fork by one ear and then the other.

3. Next tap both forks. Listen to them by your ears for a few seconds, then switch them so each ear is listening to the other fork in the set.

4. You can also use them in your field to clear your field.

Otto tuning Forks

Otto is short for osteophonic, which means to vibrate the bones. These tuning forks have weights on the ends. When you tap these forks, they vibrate more than those that don’t have weights. The vibration is transferred to tissue and bone by placing the stem of the fork on the body.

128 Hz fork

This fork was also studied by Dr. John Beaulieu, music therapist and naturopathic doctor and Dr. George Stefano, neurologist. They found that when the stem of this fork was placed on the body it created what Beaulieu called a Perfect Fifth wave of sound through the body. It stimulated the cells to produce nitric oxide within 30 seconds.

Of the 3 Otto forks, the 128 Hz fork is the most all-purpose fork of the set.

How to use the 128 Hz fork.

1. Research suggests to use 128 Hz fork only twice on any one point. More applications can overstimulate an area and reduce the nitric oxide effect.

2. If you have a history of osteoporosis or have a fracture DO NOT PRESS ON YOUR BONES

3. USE for joint mobility (can press to any joint), loosening tight muscles.

4. Heart balance. Feel the vibration and imagine your heart softening DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE A PACEMAKER.

5. Third eye balance. Close your eyes and feel the vibration move through your cranium. This point balances the cranial base and enhances sphenoid/occipital movement.

6. Autonomic nervous system balance. Place on the lower sacrum at the base of the spine. This balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

7. You can also place the 64 Hz fork on the lower sacrum to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

64 Hz Fork

This fork is longer and sounds an octave or 8 notes lower than the 128 Hz fork. The 64 Hz fork is best used for being placed on the sacrum in the lower spine to balance the autonomic nervous system.

32Hz Fork

This fork is the longest of the 3 Otto forks and vibrates so low that it sounds more like a buzz than a note if you can hear it. The 32 Hz fork is recommended for use in stimulating the lymph system by moving it close to the skin. It feels almost like a slight breeze along the skin.

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Sharon Carne is an author, musician, recording artist, speaker, sound healer and life-long student of evolving consciousness. She is the visionary founder of Sound Wellness helping people use common sense ways to reduce stress, create wellness and make their days easier with sound and music..

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