Cleaning Products that are Safe, Simple and Natural

By Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel with insert by Dalia Sreideriene

After cancer, most of us work hard to get toxins out of our system , including the chemical residue of chemotherapy and radiation. It’s why we consider organic fruits and vegetables to avoid all the pesticides. If we can’t afford organic, we at least do a veggie rinse to take off the outlying layer of pesticides.

However, have you thought about the toxins that lurk in your cleaning supplies?

These toxins are found in everyday cleaning supplies in the aisles of your local grocery store? One of the statistics I heard shortly after I was diagnosed and through treatment was the fact that women (and men) who worked at home had higher rates of chemical exposure and absorption than those who worked either outside or in an office environment. That totally scared me.

At that point, I make it a priority to find other products for cleaning rather than using toxic chemicals that would further pollute my being and environment, especially at home where I had some control over this issue. A couple of product lines I’ve used, and some still use, are Melaleuca, a tea tree oil based line (direct sales) and Seventh Generation (available in Health Food stores).

Simpler and less expensive still are cleansers you can make from your kitchen cupboard. I recall my Mom using these ingredients when I was young. They worked and have stood the test of time.

Here are some ideas, as related in an article ‘Top 5 Natural Cleaning Products’ by Dalia Sreideriene. I thought they were worth sharing.

“The natural cleaning products are increasingly becoming popular among many people. This is as a result of the various advantages derived from using them such as safety, reliability and high quality.There is also a wide range of products you can choose from.

The following is a list of the top 5 natural cleaning products you can use.

1. The kitchen cleanser products

The best products are made from lemon essential oils and baking soda. Get a stainless steel shaker and put baking soda halfway. Keep adding the oil drops as you are stirring. The contents are stirred as you add baking powder and oil until the contents fill the shaker. Once the can is full, close it tightly and shake well to mix the contents. After the contents are thoroughly mixed, sprinkle the contents on the counter and wipe the surface using a cloth or sponge.

2. Floor cleaners

You will require filtered water, lemon essential oil and distilled white vinegar. Making the cleaner is simple since you only require filling a squirt bottle of about 160oz with equivalent amounts of water and vinegar. An additional 15-20 drops of essential oil is put into the bottle and shaken to mix. Squirt small amounts on the floor and wipe with a clean mop or rag. The product can be used on ceramic tile, vinyl and finished wood.

3. Tub & tile cleaner

Take baking soda and mix it with a liquefied soap in a bowl. Dilute the contents with water and add vinegar. Beat the contents using a fork until you get a homogenous solution with a pourable consistency. The mixture should be put into a squirt bottle with a tight lid to prevent drying up of contents. To use the cleaning product, squirt a small amount on the surface you are cleaning and then scrub it.

4. Glass cleaning

To make the product, take distilled water and soap and put it in a 16oz squirt bottle and then add vinegar. Agitate the contents in the bottle to adequately mix them. To use the cleaning agent, spray some on the window and wipe using a squeegee or paper towel. The soap can be used in the removal of wax left behind by conventional glass cleaning products.

5. All purpose cleaner

To make this green cleaning product you should mix borax and vinegar in a 16oz bottle. Fill the bottle up with water and agitate strongly until all the products have dissolved in the solvent. The liquid soap is added into the mixture and then more shaking done. Using the natural cleaning products only involves spraying and then wiping off the surface to be clean.”

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Not only are these natural products less toxic for our bodies, they are eco-friendly to the environment. If you have young children and/or pets in your home, you will be creating a non-toxic environment for them to breathe in. Additionally, you can reduce the risk of poisoning from ingesting poisons in the commercial products more commonly available.

If you have other recipes for natural cleaning products, please share. We will all benefit. If my Mother was still alive, I’m sure she would have several more ideas to pass along.

To your better health and your family’s better health,


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