A New Walking Route to Siran

Sunday morning, the circus van broke through my reverie over coffee.  It was circling the town broadcasting the show about to start in the afternoon.  How cool is that!  Guess they’re now on to the next village.

Got fed up being inside yesterday.  It was a very blustery, cool day with intermittent sun.  So, bundled up and ventured out for some fresh air and exercise.  Found a great spot along the path to do tai chi, and then pushed on for my walk.

So glad I did.  I had seen this road leading to the left on my usual route to Siran, the next village.  I decided to take it and see where it led.  Well, it was the back route to Siran – a lovely walk – quiet, not many people out, and only one car went by.  Of course, Sunday’s here are quiet.  No stores open.  No restaurants open.  People are home with their families.

Spotted an old ‘sun dial’ on a house in a side street that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  Went by a very old cemetery, and then on the way back, I was blessed to see the most beautiful rainbow spanning the hills.  It was like none other I had ever seen.  The colors were muted and soft, almost like a Monet watercolor, with rays of sunshine filtering through the colors.  I took a photo from my iPhone – a pale representation of a truly spectacular vision.

Sundial SiranCemetery SiranRainbow SiranLater in the day, went and shared a nightcap with friends from Calgary.  Was introduced to a special wine, a sweet wine, not available in Canada – Muscat de Saint-Jean de Minervois – vin doux naturel. What a great way to end the day!!


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