A Quiet Cool Easter in France

Woke up to rain this morning and church bells ringing.  When it was time for the Easter service, they definitely rang for a long time to make sure people knew it was time.  Usually the church bells chime every half hour and hour throughout the day and night.  Not sure I’d like to live beside the church.

The weather has settled into a cool, damp day with sporadic showers promised.  We just put on the space heater in our place to cut the chill.  No central heating in these parts.  It was like this the first few days I arrived.  Froze – tired from jet lag and unused to cool – I lived in front of the heaters.

Glad we did our last bit of adventuring yesterday.  It was a beautiful day – windy, but sunny and warm.  We went back to Narbonne to take in the Inner Market that we missed.  I thought it might be more like the outdoor markets that we attended in Olanzac and Lezignan, but this one was definitely different.  Mostly food – all cuts of meat, chickens (with the head and feet on – yuck), seafood, tubs of olives, stands of asparagus which are in season right now (not my favorite vegetable), local honey, cheese, pastries and breads, and probably most important of all – bars serving wine and beer.  Wouldn’t see that in Canada.

Narbonne Market Front asparagus Chickens Narbonne Market 1 The Bar Narbonne Market Vegetables Narbonne

Headed out for the afternoon to Narbonne Plage (Narbonne Beach) about 20 minutes of winding road south to the Mediterranean.  Awesome!  I love beaches and the sea.  There were rows of what looked like holiday houses (like our cottages) along the beach road, a promenade for pedestrian and cycle traffic, and a wide clean beach that stretched for as far as you could see.  We were warned that it might be crowded on the weekend, but I think the weather deterred people, so it was relatively quiet.  Saw all the usual beach tourist shops and restaurants.  If we’d known more about this place, we would have waited to have our lunch here.  Saw plates of mussels, seafood – looked delicious.  Next time!

Beach Houses Narbonne Plaige a Narbonne Plaige a

Roman Ruin aAs we drove back to Pepieux, we realized our timing was perfect.  The traffic was heavy heading the other way.  We figure most people worked the half day Saturday and were now heading to the beach for the weekend.  A great day – we got back windblown and tired but happy.  Plus we stopped at a Roman ruin alongside the road – a reminder of times past.

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