Energy Healing #2 – The Second Chakra – Sacral

by Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel and Jan Batiuk, Healer

Continuing with the Seven Chakras, Jan is focusing now on the second Chakra: the Sacral Chakra. We decided to explore the chakras individually, so the next article in the series will cover the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Energy work is very important in healing. From my own personal experience, it has been instrumental in opening up energy blockages, helping me understand my feelings relative to my body as an energy field, and truly has created opportunities for clarity, growth, and the ability to move forward.

As you explore these articles with Jan, I hope you avail yourself of the benefits of energy work. Jan does work remotely, meaning if you are not based in or around Calgary, Alberta, you can still have the benefit of her huge knowledge and experience. Make sure to click on her website for that information.

You can also look for Reiki practitioners in your area. Here are some questions to ask them to ensure you are dealing with someone who is well trained and understands your situation.

1. Where were they trained and by whom? Are they well respected in their field? Do your research.
2. Do they do Reiki full time? What other energy modalities do they use?
3. What organizations are they affiliated with that have ethical standards of practice?
4. Do they work in a professional manner, meaning space and standards?
5. Do they adhere to a code of confidentiality?

Enjoy this week’s article – and make sure to practice the exercise.


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Energy Healing and You
By Jan Batiuk, Healer

The Seven Chakras: Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra:

is located between the naval and the genitals, encompassing those areas.
is connected to the bladder, spleen, ovaries, genitals, testicles, prostate and the womb.
is affected by our sexual needs, desires, wants, emotions, creativity and nurturance.
can become unbalanced when there are bladder problems, frigidity, impotence and jealousy.
is affected when our desires are not being met.
is the location where the connection between pleasure and emotions are felt which lead to a movement of energy throughout the body.
becomes unbalanced if there is an over indulgence toward sex or food; over indulgence of cravings. These cravings become a form of wants that are never appeased to the person’s satisfaction.
connects to our need for touching. Touching is an essential need for the body, mind and soul. As humans we want to feel cherished and nurtured. As a baby we crave to be touched in order to feel soothed. Through touch we can bring comfort, sense of belonging, compassion and love.
connects to our ability to give and receive.
relates to the element of water.

Sacral Chakra Exercises

Yoga Pose: Kaliasana also known as the Goddess Squat

In a standing position, spread your feet wider than shoulder width apart and your feet turned out at a 45 degree angle. Squat down, bending your knees so that they remain positioned over your feet. Keep your torso straight and bring your arms out to your sides at a 90 degree angle with both arms up. Hold this position for 30 – 60 secs.


Listen to a CD with sounds of the ocean or a stream. There is a Nature Sound Series of recordings, specifically Forest Ambience that includes the sound of a stream along with forest sounds.


Have a leisurely warm bath. As you soak in the tub, imagine the water cleansing away any negativity you are feeling. Let yourself enjoy the sensation of the water soaking into your skin to help revitalize you. For an added pleasurable experience, turn your bath into a bubble bath.

Example of an Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

Recently, a client came for a Reiki session. During the session, her sacral chakra pulled in extra energy, an indication that this chakra was unbalanced. We talked about what was going on in her life. Her career involves focusing on analytical thinking. When she isn’t working she does research work related to her career. She is also single and wishes to meet someone.

Why is her sacral chakra showing signs of being unbalanced? Look at the sacral chakra  descriptions mentioned above and compare it with what’s happening in her life:

no creativity for she is always focusing on analytical work
her desires are not being met for she wishes to have a partner in her life
feeling alone leading to a sense of lack of contact with others or lack of nurturance

What can she do?

She is going to find something creative to do in order to help stimulate this chakra.
She’s planning on interacting more with her friends instead of always “nose down in her research books.”
She’ll pick out some orange fruits and vegetables to add to her food intake which relates to this chakra.
She’ll take the time to enjoy some leisurely baths and during those times reflect on all that she is grateful for in her life.

By doing these activities mentioned, she is changing her energy related to that chakra. She is affecting her body on a physical and metaphysical level.

Something to Think About

We are all energy. Our body holds our thoughts! Weakened chakras open the doors to allow diseases to step in! As you learn more and more about the chakras, you will gain a deeper understanding of the body/mind connection.

Next Discussion

We will focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

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