Off Trekking to Azille – New Sights

You’d think the villages would become similar after a while, but not the case.  They each have their unique layout and points of interest.  Today was a beautiful day for a walk, so off we went to Azille – about 5 kms. from Pepieux.  This road is a little busier than others so in truth today, I jumped a ditch to avoid getting hit when a large lorry and car tried to pass on the narrow road right where I was walking.  Close call!

We arrived in the afternoon around 2:00 so all the stores were closed.  Still, there was a lot to explore while we listened to music being piped into the streets.  Walked a beautiful boulevard which lead around to an archway, the entrance to a stone staircase winding along the outside of the ramparts to the fields below.  Absolutely stunning views – and a weird set of outside steps going up the side of a house leading to nowhere it seems.

Azille BoulevardOutside Steps AzillePathway AzilleView from Pathway Azille











At the bottom of the hill, we saw these beautiful white horses.  One of the places we wanted to visit was Camargue, a region south of Nimes where there are salt marshes and the famous white horses of Camargue.  Instead we found these two beautiful white horses in Azille.  A good reason to come back.  There is so much to see, one trip isn’t enough.  Not to leave out the other feature of this region, the many cats that roam the villages.  Here’s a cat motif over a window – too cool.

White Horses AzilleCat Motif Azille


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