Quiet Day in Pepieux

Woke up to a cold and windy day which means a cool and damp inside.  Overheard a comment from a local when I picked up some whole walnuts for my cereal that it felt like December this morning.  Guess it isn’t only me who feels the cold.

Perfume in ToiletteSpent the day reading, checking emails, and reviewing notes. Found this picture taken in the ladies washroom at our autobahn stop yesterday enroute to Toulouse.  Found it rather amusing!

When ‘cabin fever’ struck, I drove over to Olanzac, the next village, for groceries.  It’s open all day unlike here in Pepieux. By the time I had lunch, the weather turned and the sun came out, Feeling the need to stretch my legs after all the traveling yesterday, I headed out for a long walk.  There’s a lovely road through the vineyards.  It’s less traveled as it’s mainly an access road for the workers.  It means I’m not always dodging cars.  Definitely much safer!

Finished the day with a glass of wine and pasta. Toasted my friend who was winging her way home.  Looking forward to a beautiful day tomorrow.


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