The Circus Came to Pepieux

I don’t know if you remember, but I do, when the circus used to be in a tent.  There would be a parade through town complete with Calliope, lions and elephants to the site where they pitched their tent.  We always watched the tent being put up – exciting.  Now the circus is held in auditoriums, mostly. Not nearly as interesting.

Well, today, I saw the real deal – a traveling circus in a tent.  Not a big circus, but it sure looked like fun, providing wonderful entertainment for all the villagers in rural France.

Circus Clown Pepieux Circus Tent & Miniature Horse Circus Ticket Booth

Visited with my friend for a while, and read my book, did laundry.  Nothing exciting, but just living in the moment.  It was enough.  That’s what is sometimes missing at home – the real stuff that is enough.

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