Took My Friend to the Airport Today

Sadly, it was time for my friend to return home.  I have one more week and then a visit in Amsterdam with my husband’s family before it’s my turn.

It made me think of the changes that have happened here since I arrived.  From my bedroom window, I look out onto the courtyard with a beautiful plane tree in front.  The branches were bare when I first took a picture upon arrival.  The second picture was taken a few days ago – three weeks later.  What a difference!  The whole countryside has exploded including all the vineyards.

Square 1st Week  Square 3rd Week








There are wildflowers abounding alongside the road and in the fields.  Poppies are everywhere – and wild irises.  It’s beautiful.  I’ve tried to capture them in photos but really, it’s hard to catch the magic.

Poppies Wild Irises in Azille









Tonight, the birds are chirping, the swallows are swooping through and the frogs are singing in the creek behind the houses.  Coach lights are on casting a soft glow over the square.  The quiet of evening is intoxicating.  I’d sit outside on the front stoop tonight if it was warmer as I have done in past evenings.  The feral cats of the village gather and try to figure out what this strange Canadian is doing sitting outside in the dark.  They especially look at me strange if I decide to do tai chi in the square before bed.

Time to go outside, close the shutters and call it a night.  I’m going to curl up with ‘Citadel’, the last book in the trilogy of this area by Kate Mosse.  Might even pour a glass of wine.  Life in France – ahhhhh!

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