We Walk – the French go ‘What????’

Very interesting in France.  My friend and I walk around here – on the roads and trails.  Cars go by on the narrow roads barely wide enough for two cars meaning we have to hit the ditch for two cars or make sure we’re way over on one side for one car.  But they always look in their rear view mirror as if they can’t quite believe we’re walking.  We find it hilarious.

Walking provides us a chance to see more.  We notice the wild flowers that bloom in the fields and the side of the roads – wild iris, poppies, and so many more I don’t know their names.  Vines have sprouted in the few weeks I’ve been here.  The whole area has greened up.  Plus we meet interesting people along the way in these little villages or historic sites – people we would have missed if we had driven.

True, there are some roads that are a bit too busy for safe walking, but there are many that work just fine.  Today we’re heading to Azille.  Haven’t been there yet.

Thought I’d share some pictures I took of one of the trails we walk on  – and what the houses look like from the outside – built into the ramparts of the city.  If you look high in the pictures, you’ll see terraces built in that overlook the vineyards that surround Pepieux.  There are mini gardens planted up there, and for those without terraces, there are garden plots along the other side of the little river that runs around the town.

River Path Terraces Along River

From where I sit writing this morning, I can hear the birds chirping, the church bell chiming the time, the quiet as it’s lunch time.  All the stores are closed.  People are home having lunch and resting before heading back to work.  Imagine doing that at home.

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