Yeah! The Rain Lifted – Out Exploring

Space HeaterIt rained yesterday.  Mostly housebound although we went to Olanzac for groceries.  Sat by the space heater to keep warm most of the day.  Only exploring we did was a walkabout of  the village after dinner when it stopped raining.  Got a chance to do my tai chi in an open shelter in the schoolyard.  I figured it was how they got the kids out for some fresh air when it was raining.  Good idea.

This afternoon, we went to see a historic site, the Chappel Saint Germain (11th – 12th century).  Apparently, as best I can remember, there was a village by this church.  When the villagers kept getting ill, they eventually figured out that the ground was toxic.  They moved the village but were unable to move the church.  It sits by itself in this clearing – a quiet, peaceful spot to just be.  My friends who have a place here often walk up there – he to paint, her to do needlepoint – and just enjoy the ambiance.

Chappel Saint Germain 1 Chappel Saint Germain 2

On the way back, we noticed a small campfire burning, so alerted a lady who lived in the one lone building behind the church who then took steps to put it out.  Further down the road, we met a charming couple who live in Paris but were here visiting his parents.  They were enjoying their habitual nature walk which included looking for wild asparagus by the road.  Apparently it is really good in omelets.  Learned something new.  As they were heading back to their car, they led us to a side road – an old Roman road – and a cave dating back to the Middle Ages.  Standing there, you can imagine what it must have been like all those years ago.  We never would have found this on our own.

Cave nr St. Germain 1 Cave nr St. Germain 2

Each day here, we learn more, adventure further, or just enjoy the peace that is Pepieux.  No stores were open today.  It’s Easter Monday.  People here, especially in the smaller villages, have different values – good ones – for healthy living.  We could learn.

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