Last Full Day in France – Coullioure – Awesome

My last full day in France was spent with my good friends who recommended this trip as they own a place in Pepieux.  We drove to Coullioure, a most beautiful town built up the hill on the seaside.  It’s about a 1 1/2 hour drive from Pepieux.

It was market day there, so finding a parking spot was a major challenge.  First because of space, and second because the twisty windy roads were a major dodging act.  Some cars had to back up to let others go forward – there just wasn’t space for two cars.  And all done on a steep incline with standard transmission!!  Glad I wasn’t the driver.

We walked through all the various shops winding through the town, seaside restaurants, steep streets full of character – absolutely charming.  I’ve captured some of the essence in these pictures.  Hard to put into words.  Absolutely a great end to my month in France.  On to Amsterdam to visit family.  Home on Sunday.

Restaurant CoullioureSeaside CoullioureCoullioure Shopping Coullioure Steps












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