Taking Care of Yourself

By Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel
Life can get away from us to the point where we are back in the ‘running’ game. Running to keep up with all the things required or expected of us. Right after my diagnosis and during the active healing phase, I was more aware of not getting sucked in. However, over the years, as I’m well on many levels, I sometimes forget and get sucked back into the game.

That was happening again and so, this weekend, I spent a relaxing time away from home visiting my cousin. I didn’t take my laptop – and I didn’t check my email. It was so refreshing to just be and not be so available. How often do you do that?

There are always going to be things ‘we need’ to do, but there are some activities where we do have an option. Choices in how we want to spend our time and who we want to share our time with are ours to make. Some of these choices will be good, some not so good, but nevertheless, we have the option. One needs to remember, however, that along with choice goes the consequences of the choice. Still choice is definitely worth it!

My consequence for this weekend is the need to now schedule time this week to cover what I might have done on the weekend. Or not! There is often a question I ask myself – ‘Does this really need to be done?’ Another question that was posed to me a long time ago and one I still recall and ask is ‘Whose agenda is it anyway?’ In the end, everything will get done and I had a great weekend. A good choice!

Overwhelm is a modern day condition. We are swamped with information and opportunities in multiples every day. Working through this bombardment requires a highly tuned skill of focus. Focus comes with knowing what is truly important – hence those questions. It takes time and awareness to continually work through this process. By doing so, we can weed out the insignificant and unimportant from what truly matters. When we figure that out, we can spend quality time in those areas and free up time for other pursuits. It is always a process.

In this vein, I am making this a short article today. It’s Canada Day. The weather outside is absolutely beautiful – the sun is shining, clear blue skies – and my dog, Bear, is waiting for her walk. I chose to have a coffee with a new acquaintance. I spent a very comfortable half-hour in the sun reading a book. I’m now going to finish this newsletter and go for my walk and call it a day.

Time to enjoy life . . . time for me! A healthy approach to living in the moment and savouring what is. I hope you do the same.



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