Can You Beat a Terminal Diagnosis? A ‘Terminal’ Cancer Patient Speaks Out.

By Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel with Garth Brown
A diagnosis I hear spoken is Stage 4, terminal. How devastating to the person hearing this diagnosis!! The emotional impact is huge. It’s as though there is no hope that you can survive and heal. Is this true? Who has the right to tell you that you are ‘terminal’?What we are told is often what happens simply because the brain cannot distinguish between what is true and what is false. The brain can only intake the information, much like a computer. It follows that the output is similar to the input. Do we, as individuals, have the capacity to change this outcome by changing the data that we input?

Obviously this is simplistic. There is much more to the healing process than just telling ourselves that we will be well. Action is the critical component. However, many is the time I have come across individuals, including myself, who have simply changed the data, changed their lifestyle, embraced healing strategies that worked for them, and have gone on to live quality lives for much longer than the dire prediction and often for a very long time.

There is always hope. Hope that you can change the course of your destiny. One caveat – sometimes our journey is more than the sum of what we do to heal. Bearing in mind that one day we will all die, realizing that the only control we have is how we live each day. In following a healing path, this then is the focus – to live the best quality life we can in the moment with the tools we have available. That’s really all there is to life anyway. The moment!!

In the following article, Garth has laid out the steps that make sense to him. It has worked and is working. As in everything, take what resonates with you and see if it makes a difference. We are unique, our cancers are unique, our lives are unique – a one-for-all solution is not workable. But learning from those who are on this journey can shed light on what just might work for you.

Enjoy Garth’s steps – I hope you will be inspired.

Terminal Brain Cancer in Remission– by Garth Brown, BSc, MSc, DVM,

  1. NEVER give up! This is only YOUR decision.
  2. EXERISE – walk, swim/stand in the pool, work out at the gym, kayak, dive, ski and sit in the sand by the ocean
  • Do it with your family / friends / “Cancer Buddy”
  • This is your personal MENTAL & PHYSICAL existence
  1. Find someone to TALK and LISTEN to you. Discuss your life and future with other people. Be prepared to have some people disappear as this talk will scare them away.  “Bitch” about life and then let it go.
  2. Some days are worse than others (i.e. sad, depressed, pain, sore muscles).
  • You will be back tomorrow or very soon. Do NOT give up. Have a positive attitude!
  1. Nutritional Foods & Vitamins & Minerals. (This is very important)
  • Foods – i.e. Vegetables and Fruit
  • NO “White SUGAR”!!! – This restriction starves cancer cells!
  • Minimal SALT (“Sea Salt” is a better choice)
  1. Your past history is finished. Move to your NEW life. Love your spouse, family and special friends.
  2. Go out to the MOVIES (i.e. “The Doctor”, William Hurt, 1991) or the THEATRE. If that activity or idea moved you then try visiting another City, Province, the rest of Canada and then anywhere in the WORLD.
  3. READ. Use books or on your computer. Good stories and science on cancer. For me and people with brain injury, you can be helped by listening to books downloaded to your iPad. The iPad has the ability to read to you while you follow along visually allowing the brain to imprint, connecting audio and visual. This is helpful when you have an aphasia due to brain injury. (An inability to understand the written word or inability to express oneself properly).
  4. Use your “Meditations and Spirituality” towards your “Universe’s” destiny
  5. Hospital Cancer Treatment: Surgery, Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy:
  • Drug reactions, body side effects (i.e. liver, kidneys, heart, chest, intestines, skin rashes, etc.), direct causes of new cancers, depressed immune cells that could result in cancer again, death
  • Patient: 4/4 Terminal (Death) => Remission / Recurrence => Cured / Full Recovery
  • No/Minimal emotional support from hospital staff. No/Minimal answers to my repeated health questions
  • I STOPPED ALL Cancer Treatments almost 1 year ago (July 2014) and changed to “SELF-TREATMENT” to activate my IMMUNE SYSTEM by NUTRITION to directly KILL Cancer cells
  1. Ensure your Physician listens to you, offers you changes when required and is supporting your “Self-Treatment” i.e. NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS
  2. This is your last step of my 12 “epiphanies” from me for today – START at the beginning and do it all again…

About the Author – Garth Brown, BSc, MSc, DVM

My past history and current life suddenly stopped on April 2013 with the diagnosis of terminal cancer. Prior to this point, my formal education consisted of 12 years of my life dedicated to achieving three (3) degrees at universities; Biochemistry (BSc), Human Immune-Oncology (MSc) and the study of all animal species for a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM). This was followed by 23 years of business practice with large farm animals and small animal/exotic pets.

In addition, my wife and I were married 29 years at the time of diagnosis and have two great kids, young adults now themselves… then instantly one day changed my life for the future – the onset of a fatal brain tumor. This experience was almost two years ago today, now it is in “remission” – i.e. on hold, meaning the cancer cells are asleep.

I have learned that no one else can give you a terminal diagnosis but yourself. I have chosen not to be terminal. I will be celebrating 33 years of marriage this year. Maybe there is something I have mentioned above that is helpful towards the “cancer” within you, a family member or friend. Good luck!

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