Life after Cancer: Planning with Spirit

by Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel

What does life or business planning look like after cancer? In the flurry and busyness of treatment, diagnosis and recovery, just looking forward to more life is the furthest we can envision. Will there be an opportunity to plan a new life? What will that look like? So many uncertainties and questions linger. I know – I recall – It’s WHAT NOW!!!

However, as you move through the healing journey, the question arises – what will I do with the life I have now? For most of us, the pattern of life pre-cancer no longer appeals and often is not possible. We are changed. We no longer have the same view of life. Plus, in order to heal, change is necessary. We have to change the ‘soup’ of our environment. For some, these are tweaks. For others, major shift happens.

Having been through this process and journey many times, I was blown away by a caring session with expert, Jan Batiuk, who is also a close friend. Jan was worried about my being able to maintain balance and health amidst all my projects. Her process was so unique yet so real. It was truth in a nutshell. I’ll explain shortly.

The usual route to career and life planning is through the assistance of life coaches, mentors, business coaches. The other route can be self reflection through meditation. I’ve tried many routes. In the end, none of the above gave me the true answer and clarity I needed.

As many who know me, I have my finger in many pies. Projects – exciting and needed – keep flowing to the point I have become critically aware that I have way too many items on my list. In order to keep a balanced lifestyle and walk my talk, I came to a stop. I knew I needed help. Help to sort through and identify where my energies needed to be focused, what was on track with my life purpose, identify my life purpose, and finally determine how to identify GO projects, those I could LET GO, and those that were definite NOs.

Are you curious about how this got sorted out so clearly?

I met with my best friend, Jan Batiuk. She’s one of the experts on this site, has written two articles about Energy Healing and our Chakras. In addition to being a gifted Reiki master and Energy Healer, she is also a Psychic Medium. My sessions with Jan have always been illuminating and healing, but this session was so very special. Jan, through Spirit, has opened my understanding of life as most of us know it and shared what lies just beyond if we are open to receive.

A week or so ago, we sat together. In front of us was my long list of projects Jan had me list. Just the ones I am currently working on, not my ‘other ideas list’ – and the list was long. Each project is a business unto itself; hence my sense of overwhelm! Project by project, step by step, Jan went through them asking Spirit/God for clarity, direction, answers. Cards revealed answers along with Jan’s intuitive link to Spirit. This is not my area of expertise and as such will ask Jan to share what she does in an article to fully explain the process.

The most amazing part was what happened as she approached each project. My whole body vibrated and tingled with energy with the GO answers, and remained quiet through the LET GO and NO answers. I was totally being included by Spirit. I know, not because Jan channeled the information, but also from my own body’s reaction. It was mind-shifting, revealing, amazing – words leave me.

After it was all done, I came away with answers to not only how to manage my projects and business life but was given insight into my life purpose. It all meshed. It was all affirmed.

Since that session, life has unfolded in wonderful ways. Opportunities are presenting themselves. People are appearing or re-appearing in my life – people whom I can include in these projects. I’ve had affirmation of my life’s purpose through family, friends, and many others. It has been and still is a most amazing time.

Of course, I have also put out to the Universe what I need, clarity on my projects, and specific questions. This is something I learned a while ago. It is one thing to ask the Universe for something. The trick is to be specific and clear. The other part of that equation is to understand that what comes back may not be what we requested but it will definitely be what we need. That is how the Universe works.

I recall in the Bible a passage that goes something like this ‘Ask and ye shall receive’. We are cared for in ways we don’t even begin to understand. It is often when our back is to the wall that we reach out for help. When life is good, there is the tendency to just accept without thanks and gratefulness. I am constantly reminded that this is the other part of life – gratefulness for what we have.

Sometimes in this life we are given tasks or a purpose. It can be small or magnanimous. To accomplish this task or purpose, we are given gifts which we can choose to use or not. We do have choice. It seems to me that if we are given a gift that we are meant to use it to the betterment of all. We are meant to share.

The pursuit to sort out our life purpose can be perceived as a burden or an adventure, especially when we’ve been diagnosed with cancer. I rather like to think of it as an adventure. We all have a piece of a bigger puzzle. All the pieces are needed to make the whole. We just need to do our part and ask for help to get it done.

I would encourage you to explore your life purpose. If you feel you could use Jan’s input, you can reach her at She is an extremely gifted individual.  I count myself truly blessed to have her in my life as a friend and as a healer.

Getting clarity about your life can heal on so many levels. It makes sense of random situations and happenings putting a constructive spin on how to move forward with purpose.

To your unfolding life and wellness,


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