Crystal Healing Scientific Evidence

By Walter H Parks

Advocates for Crystal Healing have been around for centuries. Most people have and do assume that it is quackery. But a research project found the scientific mechanism that allows our body’s energy field to receive transmissions from radiating crystals.

Crystal Healing is not quackery.

The Third Eye

The ancient Third Eye of our ancestors had been designed to receive external vibrations of various frequencies, including light. It has evolved down through the ages to become our pineal gland. It now secretes the melatonin hormone that controls our daily lives.

The research shows how it enables our human body to receive external vibrations such as the soothing frequencies of certain crystals.

Of the several types of crystals studied it was found that the amethyst crystal had the best measurable energy field with the most available data, so most of the evaluations were on the amethyst crystal.

A key to understanding the science can perhaps best be recognized from Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2 which shows that our bodies are basically two kinds of matrices: one of matter (M) which is our flesh and bone, and one of energy (E) which has a measurable electromagnetic field. (C is the speed of light.) Advocates of Crystal Healing call this electromagnetic field our aura.

The basic research objective was then to find a mechanism that could enable our bodies to receive an energy transmission from a radiating crystal. This is where chakras and auras come into play.


Chakra is an old Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ and is used to reference 7 specific energy centers along the body’s meridian. Note that the Brow Chakra is also known as the Third Eye and this is the one of most importance in the research.

Our western philosophy does not generally consider Chakras as anything more than unfounded myths from the ancient world.

Most Americans dismiss the idea of chakras as notions resurrected by the “new-age movement”. But we know that the idea of chakras goes back many thousands of years.

The earliest mention of Chakras comes from the Vedas that form the Hindu scriptures. Evidence indicates that the Vedas were brought to pre-historical India when the early founders migrated from a lost civilization. Plato said that civilization was Atlantis.

The Chakras are said to be “force centers” in the physical body that are occupied by whorls of energy. Their energy may also radiate from these points in the physical body.

Chakras are basically accepted as symbolic, however many people believe them to be physical. To understand how chakras might be physical, it’s important to remember that energy is physical, and chakras are believed to be discs of energy. Remember that the electricity in our nervous systems and brainwaves is energy.

It is believed that the Brow Chakra which is known as the Third Eye is the most important from a Crystal Healing standpoint. In analyzing this Third Eye we see that our ancient ancestors did indeed have a Third Eye that could sense vibrations from their environment. Some primitive creatures still living today, such as the Mantis and Iguana have Third Eyes.

The advocates claim that Crystal Healing is a deep and gentle healing technique that is very effective. The technique is to focus the energy from specific crystals onto the patient’s Chakras and Aura Field. The energy is focused at the points where the Chakras and Aura that may need “balancing” are most sensitive.

The advocates claim that our Chakras and Auras control the energy flow into every area of our lives.

Each chakra has a specific significance in that each, with one exception, relates to a gland in the endocrine system.


The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism and object in the Universe. This is a true and undisputed scientific fact.

But some devotees of Crystal Healing also believe that auras can show if someone is highly spiritual or may be interacting with another entity. The devotees also believe that auras show the well being of the person giving off the aura. They believe that the aura colors of a person indicate specific aspects of the person. Remember that each color is a specific spectrum of frequencies, or vibrations.

Silver indicates intelligence, Ruby Red indicates vitality, Violet indicates gentleness, Rose Pink indicates love, Sapphire Blue indicates healing and spirituality, Gray indicates illness or fear, Brown indicates cruelty or stubbornness.

How Crystal Healing Works

The evidence shows that our Third Eye (our pineal gland) can sense the energy field of some perfect or near perfect crystals.

To understand how this works we need to recognize that our bodies are energy matrixes; that amethyst Crystals are energy matrixes and that the two energy fields can interact via our Third Eye.

Let’s visualize the interaction of energy vibrations from a crystal with the energy vibrations in our human electromagnetic field. The interaction of the uniform crystal vibrations tends to sooth the body’s aura into a more peaceful order.

That is the essence of crystal healing.

Research found the scientific mechanism that allows our body’s energy field to receive transmissions from radiating crystals.

The ancient Third Eye of our ancestors has evolved such that it can help receive external vibrations such as the soothing frequencies of certain crystals.

You can learn about the details in the $2.99 book: Crystal Healing Scientific Evidence.

By Walter Parks

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