Unplug Yourself… Take Time to Unwind ~ By Lisa McKeogh

“To keep a lamp burning you have to keep on putting oil in it” is a favorite quote of mine by Mother Teresa. Simple isn’t it? But in today’s world our tanks run on fumes for long periods of time and that’s not good! We get stuck in the perspective of “the way it is” and just keep going. Life and events start to run us vs. us running our life. Recently, I took a trip with some friends and I was reminded of how important “me time” is to my physical and mental well being. Life continued on without me… the house was still intact, my kids did not starve and the dog was well taken care of. But most important I had returned recharged and with a new perspective on life.

How do you change your perspective? It would be nice if we had a warning light or a signal to let ourselves know we need to re-charge or have some down time. The endless to-do’s and should do’s drain our tanks. We push ourselves to the max, with the: job, kids and sports we tell ourselves “it will slow down after x”. I invite you to stop making excuses (pretty harsh hey?) and take some time for you. School is ending; vacations are beginning, schedules are changing it’s a great time for you, to give you, a break…

One way to change a perspective is to step back or get above the details in order to unwind, gain clarity and reflect. I am talking about taking a moment to relax and re-fuel to keep you going and burning bright. Whatever your pleasure; a day at the beach, a good book, a long lunch or a few days away. We all need space and a place to recharge ourselves. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Clear the mental clutter— Grab a pad of paper and a pen and de-clutter your mind. Write down everything that you’re thinking about big or small. Just write, organize your thoughts later. Just let them flow.
  2. Give yourself permission—Now that you have cleared your head release any guilt you may have about making time for yourself. Start filling your mind with things you find relaxing and rejuvenating.
  3. Reflect – Reflect on any accomplishments or special events that you have been a part of recently? We often move so fast onto the next thing we don’t soak in the moment.
  4. Plan your Recess– Make your plan. No should do’s or ought to’s allowed.
  5. Schedule the time-Put the day away! Mark the calendar!
  6. Tell someone– You have a better chance of doing something if you tell someone about it.
  7. Unwind and refuel. Mentally, physically or emotionally whatever you decide to do.
  8. Stay in the moment

Use the beginning of summer and the above steps to get motivated to take time for you. You deserve it and it’s a gift for everyone in your life as you will be more relaxed and re-energized. Choose what works for you. We are most powerful and bright when operating on a full tank.

Wishing you an enjoyable summer and time to unplug!

Lisa Rocks McKeogh, CPCC , ACC is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Before coaching she spent over 20 years in the advertising business working with Fortune 500 companies. She is a working mom and understands firsthand the stress family, employees and business are under today. Lisa works with individuals and businesses to soar above everyday circumstances, and explore opportunities to help clients reach their desired goals. Contact Lisa at: lisa@rocketlifecoaching.com or (415) 472-5047

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