Special Message from Barbara

This week’s newsletter is different. I am taking a month or two off to regroup and re-energize. There will be no newsletters during this time. My commitment is to come back with renewed energy, fresh ideas, and a new perspective. Please be patient with me. This is something we all need to learn – when to take time off for self-care. It is part of the healing process – even years later – it’s part of life.

In the interim, if you have any thoughts, ideas, or issues you’d like to see discussed, please drop me a line at officialcancerhelphub@gmail.com. I will not be totally out of communication. I would love to hear how you manage your self-care. Do you take time off – jump off the cycle of doing?

You may see some posts on Facebook as I progress through this process. I am excited and already feel my creative energy returning. Part of my process is de-cluttering and getting back to simple – the basics. Life can get way too complicated – more complicated than it needs to be.

I will continue to teach my classes – Healthy-Steps™, Moves In Rhythm (my own program) and the Knitting Group – all at Wellspring Calgary. I need the social and physical interaction for my own health and well-being.

Chat with you again in a couple of months. Take good care of yourselves. I care for all of you.

Big hugs,


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