About Us

Although I’m a long term breast cancer survivor, cancer is not what defines me. Living a whole life does.

As a dancer, I’ve always been in touch with my body. It’s my instrument of expression and provides my life income. Therefore, I take care of it. And – I’ve always loved natural, wholesome, simple and basic. So when I was diagnosed with cancer, it was a surprise. Why? I thought I’d taken care of my body. Obviously I missed something along the way. That was the start of my new journey to wholeness.

So, the underlying reason for this website then is not strictly about cancer. It’s about being whole – body, mind and spirit. This facilitates healing allowing the body to heal itself and create an abundant quality of life.

As I lead you to ways to help yourself, ferret out new medical research, share products that will assist you, I’m really encouraging you to step up to your life and live in your fullness.

Drop what isn’t needed, explore new ways to be and be excited to experience what may come your way on the path to healing.

To live a full rich life, no matter your circumstance, is a choice we all make – or not. Have courage. Take the step. Share with us what shows up for you. We can all use inspiration.