Meet the Experts

Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel

Barbara Cunnings-Versaevel is a long term breast cancer survivor who has learned over the years since her diagnosis in 1990 to be mindful of what it takes to be well and healthy after cancer. This journey has led her to share her knowledge with others going through cancer.

Co-founder of Wellspring Calgary, a warm and welcoming community that provides a comprehensive range of support, resources and programs so anyone living with cancer and the people who care about them can improve the quality of their lives. With the vision that ‘No One Has To Face Cancer Alone’.
Winner of the 2010 Western Legacy Award for Innovation awarded by the Calgary Stampede Foundation, along with co-founders Rita Egizii and John Stephure (Wellspring Calgary).
Former professional dancer (Canada and England) now dance instructor/former trainer of the Healthy-Steps™ (formerly Focus on Healing: The Lebed Method) offered at Wellspring Calgary and creator of ‘Moves In Rhythm’, a dance wellness program. Also choreographer for the Toupee for a Day Flash Mob Dance held in February 2012 at Banker’s Hall.
Certified Facilitator of The Healing Journey program by Dr. Alastair Cunningham – a mind-body-spirit program designed to give people the tools they need for the journey.
Writer/Poet – published ‘Contemplations’, a gift book of original poetry and floral watercolour art; and ‘The Journey Poster: The Emotional Perspective of Cancer’ presented at the Women’s Conference on Breast Cancer, July 1999, Ottawa.
An avid student of life – challenged to walk her talk – Barbara strives to maintain balance and perspective on what is important in life, lessons learned on her personal cancer journey (Breast Cancer, Stage 3, 1990).
Personal mission – ‘Helping make the cancer journey easier’

Liaising with cancer agencies and communities, as well as the many members of Wellspring Calgary, issues surrounding living with cancer are always top of mind. As one who has gone through the cancer journey, these issues still apply to some level on a personal note.

Sharon Carne

Sharon Carne has been a musician and teacher all her life and a student on the path of evolving consciousness for over 40 years. These two paths have merged into the visionary work of Sound Wellness – bringing the ancient and modern power of sound and music to a deeper awareness and practical everyday use for these challenging times we live in.

Her workshops help people with tangible experience in how sound and music reduce stress, deepen meditation, assist emotional release, enhance focus and concentration and ease the symptoms of illness and disease.

Sharon is the author of Listen from the Inside Out, has produced and recorded several CDs, solo and with others. She is invited to speak about sound therapy to a wide variety of corporate and private audiences, many within the medical community.

Pat Wetzel

Pat Wetzel is the founder of the Anti-Cancer Club. In 2009, she was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma. She closed down the investment fund in which she was a partner and focused on dealing with her cancer.

Cancer, she realized, is characterized by a loss of control as medical tests, treatments and protocols take over one’s life.

How does one take control of one’s health, even in the face of cancer? What are the factors of health in the context of cancer?

Critical research by Dean Ornish, MD, David Servan-Schreiber, MD, Jeanne WallacePhD, CNC, and others all pointed to 4 key factors over which you do have control: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management and Connection with Other People.

Pat created the Anti-Cancer Club to shorten the learning curve for others and provide quality, actionable information for crafting a sustainable, anti-cancer lifestyle, one step at a time.

Jan Batiuk

Jan Batiuk is a Reiki Master, Certified Sound Therapist, Medium and Author. She was raised in Southern Ontario, where she earned a Joint Specialist Degree in History and English from the University of Toronto.

After first receiving one of two cornea transplants, Jan worked in the organ and tissue donation field for five years. During that period she spearheaded a National Awareness Campaign on the need for organ and tissue donation. She has sat on various Federal and Provincial Health Task forces.

She has been the guest speaker for numerous health conferences and public events across the country. Her speeches told of stories filled with hope in the face of tragedy. Working with families who had recently lost a loved one or with individuals facing imminent death, led Jan to reevaluate her own views on life and spirituality.

A hands-on healing experience with one of her children led her to explore the world of Reiki and eventually become a Reiki Master. Several years later she also became a certified Sound Healer studying under sound healing pioneer Tom Kenyon. She is a Reiki practitioner at Wellspring Calgary, a cancer support centre. She also has a Reiki Sound Healing practice that includes healing sessions, psychic mediumship readings, spiritual development classes and meditation coaching. Her clients have experienced distance healing as far away as Europe. Her mediumship abilities, passed down through generations, were reawakened when she began working with energy. Often, during client healing sessions, client’s loved ones will come through allowing Jan to pass on information to the client.

Jan’s passion is helping people discover their own spirituality and the power associated with this discovery. Check out her website at:

Valerie MacLeod

Valerie MacLeod, MBA, is a business coach, facilitator and training focusing on Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and Managing Change. With her technical background (an MBA and a B.Math) she loves the challenge of coaching technical leaders and teams to fine-tune their leadership skills.

As an experienced business coach, she gets everyone pulling in the same direction to achieve team & organizational goals. She actively posts leadership tips & ideas on social media. Her business website is

Valerie is also a Director of Bladder Cancer Canada. She was diagnosed early and wants to keep others informed about the possible signs of bladder cancer – a form of cancer that she didn’t know existed when she was diagnosed in 2008.

Wendy Olson-Brodeur


Mediator & Collaborative Professional

Wendy’s mission is to Educate Enrich and Empower the people she serves!

Knowledge is power…ful! With knowledge you can make educated decisions that can be life changing. When you make good decisions you feel more in control and that can be empowering.

Wendy developed and created her company “Wealth Wellness Inc” after 25+ years in banking and now 15+ years talking about wellness and how it relates to your finances. How does money affect your life, your stress, your ability to do what you need to do?

Wendy’s passion is to help clients with their situation around money. It could be someone just starting out, getting married, having children, or losing a job, losing a loved one, divorce and critical illness like cancer. Her compassion comes from dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly of life, both personal and client situations. Cancer has struck her clients and just last year her son’s girl friend fought with cancer and so far has won! As each fights their disease, their financial situation is often stressed.

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) she is trained and educated on all aspects of money. She also specialises in Financial Divorce (CFDS), sometimes a reality for many.

She looks forward to sharing with you her knowledge and experiences that will help you navigate through your life and your issues around money as it relates to your journey.

It is our goal through a series of knowledge blogs, to help you experience Wealth Wellness!