Cancer Survivor Gifts

Healing Baskets provides gifts to comfort and support the broken hearted. From sympathy, and loss to cancer, get well, divorce and caregiving. Our gifts encourage, comfort and inspire.

Instead of sending flowers – some patients are allergic to scents – send a fruit basket. Fruit is nourishing and it tastes cool and fresh when not feeling well.


Tai Chi for Health & Fitness – a time honored system that is gentle and effective to help you find balance, strength, and flexibility no matter what physical condition you are in to start. Learn at home with this program by Dr. Stewart McFarlane.

Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Healing gemstones – a wonderful choice to add not only bling to make you happy and feel good, but also provide different healing qualities depending on the gemstone chosen.

Great gift items for those going through cancer – or whatever.

Check out the celebrities that wear Energy Muse healing gemstone jewelry.


Lymphedema Products, LLC, offer a wonderful range of compression garments, treatment kits, bandaging supplies, accessories, educational information and so much more – for men and women, whether you have arm, torso, head or leg lymphedema.
At Contour MD, you will find a great selection of compression products for both upper and lower extremities, face, head, torso, etc., as well as products for garment care.


A full spectrum of supplies for those who have undergone a mastectomy or even lumpectomy – mastectomy bras, prosthetics, camisoles for during and post surgery, breast forms, swimsuit forms, and other helpful accessories to make life easier.

Meditation and Relaxation

Unleash Your Full Potential with Brain Stimulating CDs or MP3sSleep can be elusive during and after treatment. Using patented brain stimulating CDs, the patented technology of this music takes you to deep levels of meditation by accessing your brains different wave lengths. There are many applications for this music – relaxation, creativity, productivity, reducing stress. Learn more at Hemi-Sync.

Organic Skin Care and Hair Care

Choose organic for your skin and hair – natural organic products free of a) alcohol, b) chemicals, c) gluten, d) parabens, e) sulfates, and vegan. Also check out their Chemotherapy Hair Loss Treatment.

Organic Teas, Herbs, Spices and More

Truly organic and highest quality black and green teas. Grown in a single USDA-certified organic garden of nearly 2,000 acres in northern Bangladesh. Find out more at Teatulla.

Find bulk herbs, bulk spices and natural products including body care – plus essential oils and aromatherapy supplies. A wide selection of all things natural and healing.


Wicking Sleepwear

Hot flashes, night sweats, that clammy, cold feeling after the heat – all side effects of cancer treatment. Choose wicking sleepwear to provide a more comfortable sleep. Also check out their sleepwear for men – and bed linens.


Wilshire Wigs Amore Designer Beverly Johnson Jon Renau Raquel Welch Revlon Cancer treatment often entails hair loss. One great solution is a wig – whether real hair or synthetic. For women, this is a bigger issue as society is not comfortable with bald on women. For men, it is more common, but nevertheless, men also may choose to wear a wig during treatment. At Wilshire Wigs, they have an awesome array of styles, colors, full wigs, hair extensions, etc. for everybody.